Board Positions

General Manager

  • Responsible to STUDENT GOVERNMENT and the college administration for the management of WJRH.
  • Liaison with any companies or individuals outside of Lafayette that WJRH needs to interact with.
  • Chairperson of the board—effectively planning and leading all meetings.

Program Director (Show Director)

  • Responsible for making each semester’s show schedule based upon DJ availability and request.
  • Must check show log to ascertain who is and who is not consistently doing their shows.
  • Recommends to the board any DJs who require disciplinary action for the following reasons: not signing the log book, not informing Program Director about missing a show, or any breaches of conduct on air.
  • Manages correspondence with the DJ Staff.

Event Director

  • In charge of coordination of all WJRH sponsored and co-sponsored events
  • Act as an intermediary between WJRH and any organization wishing to host an event with WJRH.
  • Responsible for making necessary preparations for events.
  • Keeps track of responsibilities relating to set up, DJing, and tear down in events.
  • Responsible for event budget requests
  • Maintains a calendar of the upcoming years.


  • Will track expenditures in hard copy format in the station and keep a digital log of items WJRH has purchased or spent money on.
  • Must accompany General Manager to meet with Student Council for yearly budget requests.
  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements
  • Ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place
  • Ensure that record-keeping and accounts agree
  • Ensure compliance with relevant rules.
  • Prepare and present budgets for new or ongoing work
  • Advise on financial implications of strategic and operational plans
  • Present revised financial forecasts based on actual spending.
  • Final person in charge of budgetary decision


  • Taking minutes during the meeting. Sending a digital copy to all board members, and keeping a hard copy of each meeting’s minutes in the station.
  • Organization of WJRH paperwork and communications (Email and Mail).
  • Keeping track of responsibilities and regular duties within the board.
  • Facilitates internal communications within the board.
  • Checking attendance in board meetings and keeping track of absence counts
  • Keeping track of official station communication

Music Director

  • The music director is responsible for screening music that is sent to WJRH. Any acceptable music should be marked and placed appropriately.
  • Coordinates automated music playout system
  • Works on show development

Public Relations Director

  • Responsible for WJRH’s image on campus.
  • In charge of advertising for WJRH sponsored and co-sponsored events.
  • Responsible of WJRH posters and social media channels (Twitter, FB, Instagram)
  • Works creatively on advertising/promotions.

Chief Engineer

  • Responsible for training engineers in equipment use and operation of the current facilities.
  • Delegates responsibilities to the Engineering and Software Team.
  • Oversees all station equipment.
  • Maintains shared infrastructure with ITS.
  • Manages all the recording equipment.
  • Manages scheduling for the recording studio.

WJRH is Lafayette College’s student run radio station broadcasting since 1946. You can listen to us on 104.9MHz on the radio in the Lehigh Valley area. Our studios are located in Hogg Hall, on Lafayette College’s campus.